Practitioners Of Sustainability

Water Demand

Water demand in Europe has increased by over 50% in the last 30 years and is expected to continue in this trend.

In the UK, where the cost of high quality water is still relatively cheap, we are continually using drinking water for a number of industrial and domestic functions which could be replaced by less treated (green) water.

Alternative Water Solutions

Dripping-Water-TapAlternative Water Solutions can act as Consultant, Practitioner or Supplier primarily of ‘Green’ (non-potable) water for new developments (such as new towns, areas or communities).

Alternative Water Solutions works with Local Councils, ALMOs and Housing Associations to provide a secondary, fit-for-purpose parallel (to the potable) supply for :

  • Flushing Toilets
  • Landscape irrigation
  • Public area and street cleansing
  • Lake filling
  • Street tree watering
  • Assorted other applications (laundries, car washes, swimming baths)
  • Industrial use (cooling, manufacturing)

Water for a Green City

A water supply needs to be wholesome, guaranteed and appropriate for the purpose for which it is required.

At least 50% of the water consumed in the home and workplace does not need to be of drinkable quality.

Alternative Water Solutions will supply the right quality water for the purpose at the
right price.

Alternative Water Solutions is concerned with:

  • Providing customers with alternative, cheaper and sustainable sources
    of Potable and Non-potable water
  • The practical application of solutions by the use of green water from various sources for urban water recycling

This involves the strategic development and provision of a sustainable, parallel, non-potable ‘green’ water supply for applications which do not require drinking water quality – principally toilet flushing and garden or landscape irrigation.

This approach ranges from the networked supply of groundwater to larger communities to the utilisation of rain water and greywater recycling (to ‘green’ water) at small and medium scale installations.

Alternative Water Solutions works with forward-looking, acclaimed developers, architects, engineers and builders to produce an effective, low-maintenance localised and modular roof based cleansing system for the recycling of urban water (GROW and GROW2).

We are particularly concerned with grey water collection and treatment in multiple occupancy, multi-story housing urban regeneration areas, with a view to reducing water costs to customers through the appropriate reuse of such water. Once treated, it is termed ‘greenwater

Alternative Water Solutions is engaged in cutting-edge research with a number of industrial and academic partners on suitable biological treatment systems for converting ‘grey water’ to ‘green water’ that only require the very minimum of chemical additives – e.g. chlorine, or no additives at all such as UV treatment. The fruits of this research will shortly result in an attractive and marketable system for green water production suitable for 21st Century urban dwellings.

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