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Water Demand

Water demand in Europe has increased by over 50% in the last 30 years and is expected to continue in this trend.

In the UK, where the cost of high quality water is still relatively cheap, we are continually using drinking water for a number of industrial and domestic functions which could be replaced by less treated (green) water.

Elephant & Castle Redevelopment, London

‘Green’ Water provision for 10,000 people

The Elephant & Castle Redevelopment of a 80 hectare site in South London is possibly the sole example in Europe of a fully networked ‘green’ water provision being deployed to 10,000 people as part of an integrated utility supply by a MUSCo (Multi Utility Services Company). The Utility company will supply not only two grades of water (potable and ‘green’), but energy, hot water/ heat and data services, all laid in the same service corridor. The MUSCo partner (with the London Borough of  Southwark and the Master Development Planner) is to be appointed in Spring 2008 in order to be well positioned to ensure that the necessary infrastructure for the physical development will be in place.

As WWUK, AWS has been the leader on the provisioning of the green water network, and has supervised the construction of the supply – two water abstraction boreholes drilled into the Chalk aquifer 60m below the surface. Together these linked boreholes will supply about 250,000 cubic metres of groundwater a year for construction purposes and subsequently for toilet flushing, landscape irrigation, public area and street cleansing.

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