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Water Demand

Water demand in Europe has increased by over 50% in the last 30 years and is expected to continue in this trend.

In the UK, where the cost of high quality water is still relatively cheap, we are continually using drinking water for a number of industrial and domestic functions which could be replaced by less treated (green) water.

Tottenham Borehole at Bernie Grant Arts Centre

The Refurbishment of a Victorian Water Well

This magnificent building is one of a complete Edwardian façade comprising Tottenham Town Hall, The Public Baths (above), a School and the Fire Station. The water for the Baths had been supplied by a 3.3m diameter, 60m deep well in the grounds behind this building which had been constructed over a hundred years ago.

Redevelopment has recently taken place, and whilst the façade has been retained, a brand new cultural centre (The Bernie Grant Arts Centre – BGAC) has been built behind in its place.

AWS was responsible for the saving of the well from being in-filled. It was agreed to refurbish the facility as a ‘borehole’ (by reducing the diameter and backfilling the annulus in a sanitary manner). The smaller diameter borehole (pictured below) now supplies the BGAC with ‘green’ water for flushing the toilets. We are currently negotiating with the adjacent new Tottenham Green Leisure Centre Baths to supply them with green water – just as the old swimming baths were!

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