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Grey and Green Recycled Water

The need for a new definition:

Grey Water is water collected from baths, basins, showers etc. Cleansed, and returned as Green Water.


One of the more infuriating aspects of modern life is the constant excavation of the roads and pavements we all use, to repair/ connect/ disconnect underground services.

Such actions disrupt traffic flows, makes a lot of mess, creates a maze for pedestrians to thread their way through, let alone raising the potential for inter-utility liability, and public inconvenience when gas, water or electricity services get accidentally ruptured.

However, we have an answer to this…

The Utilidor

We have patented a kit of interlocking pre-cast concrete trench sections which will accommodate all the utility services for secondary level distribution and which conforms to the NJUG (National Joint Utility Group) guidelines for vertical and horizontal separation.

Interest in Utilidor has been expressed by a number of local authorities and developers undertaking new-build on brown- and greenfield sites. Utilidor is a cost-effective solution readily enabling almost silent access at all times to almost any point or service on the network.

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